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In a traditional dataset, everyone sees the same data. Not everyone needs the same information to work with. Every individual works potentially only on a subset of a dataset. Filter and Sort feature in the widget can be used to achieve the expected behavior.

Filter Conditions

Most of the widgets support filtering of records based on values stored in the field. Filter do not delete the record, but hides it from the widget. Filter can also be persisted when configured from within properties tab in widget. Filters applied on toolbar is not persisted.  

In the above image, we see a single filter applied to the "Status" field. Applying this filter will only show records where the value of the Status field is "Pending". Similarly, multiple filters can be added to a single widget. Filtering on a widget will not have any effect on other widgets.


Sorting can be used when the user wants to view the data in a specific order. Data in the widget can either be sorted in ascending and descending order.

In the above image, data is sorted using the Date field in ascending order. Similarly, multiple sort conditions can be added to a single widget one after the other. Like filters, this will also not have any effect on other widgets. 

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